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Franz metronomes are no longer available as they are out of business. The items below  will work as well or better than the IMP 2000.


Intelli DM8LT Metronome/Pitch Pipe 
With Pitch Switch

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        We have now modified this metronome/pitch generator  to function exactly like  Franz IMP 2000 pitch pipe and this model is as loud. Volume can be changed with the volume control. 
        We have installed a momentary contact switch on the Intelli DM8LT  that operates exactly as the Franz IMP 2000. Simply select the pitch and press the momentary  button on the side of the unit, and your pitch is there for you... release the button and the sound will stop.

       If you plan to use the metronome, you can order the DM8LT with a hands off permanent-momentary  switch -- you press the button lightly to get the pitch - press the button all the way down  and release, and the pitch or metronome beat stays on... press the button again and the sound goes off. 

       There is no need to turn the unit on or off to either hear the pitch or to save the battery life of the unit. There is no sound while selecting the pitch.. only when the button on the side of the unit is pressed, will you hear a tone. You can also hear the metronome in the same manner by switching the right selector switch to metronome.   When traveling, turn the unit to the off position in case the button is accidentally pressed during transit.   This will save the battery being drained and/or your luggage drawing attention!
       We worked with a singer from Sweet Adelines  to design a new dial.  It has enhanced letter size and the letter C is in a contrast color, so that selecting the pitch you need in the right octave is very easy. This is the largest display of letters available and will make it easy to select in poorly lit situations. The dial can be easily turned with one hand and the large lettering is easy to operate upside down if it is hanging around your neck.
Over 3 octaves of pitches with pitch shift.-  C3-B5.
Size:5"H x 2.1/2"W x 7/8"D. Weight 6 oz.
Pitch Shift A440 - 446
Pitch Accuracy  + or - 1%
One Year Warranty


  Metronome features of the DM8LT:

Range : 0-216 beats per minute using a large easy to read and easy to turn dial. 

Light and or click - this metronome is one of the loudest for the money ... with a great clave (wood block)  tone. 

8 color LED's move with beat - when in the accenting mode the first light will flash green -- all others are red. 

Chime - bell  accents downbeat on 0,2,3,4,5 & 6. When set to 0 there is only the clicking - clave tone. Also 6 beat sub-divisions -- Eight Note, Triplet, Sixteenth, Dotted Eighth, Triplet & Sixteenth with rests.

Earphone jack - earphone not included.

Flip out metal stand.  

Uses 9 volt battery - included.

Front Mounted Momentary Switch 
With Back Lit Dial

This is identical to the model above, but has a separate switch installed that will turn on a lighting system behind the dial.... this is very useful for live performances where lighting is very low or there is no lighting.  Many live performances turn the lights down between selections, making it difficult to prepare the next pitch needed. 


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Side  Mounted Momentary Switch

This model has the momentary switch mounted on the side of the unit. 


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ntelli IMT-1000 Pitch Generator - (Pitch Pipe) / MetronomeIntelli IMT-1000 Pitch Generator - (Pitch Pipe) / Metronome 



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Battery eliminator $14.95

    This is the best substitute for the Franz Electronic Pitch-Pipe Imp 2000, with momentary  pause switch 

    • Pitch Generator (Pitch Pipe)  Features:

    • 88 Notes  A0- C8 - pitch is changed quickly with thumb dial in center of the unit. 

    • Volume control is continuously adjustable by a knob . 

    • Pitch shift 430 Hz to 449Hz in 1Hz steps.

    • Pause button - simply press the button to start the pitch - press again to stop the pitch. 

    • Making pitch changes while performing in a Barber Shop Quartet, chorus, etc... can be made with one hand - the same hand that presses the pause button. 

     Metronome Features:

    • Tempo Range - 30 to 250 beats per minute

    • 8  subdivisions of beats- eighth notes, triplets, sixteenth, triplet and sixteenths with middle rests. 

    • Accented beats 0,1, 2,3,4,5,6,7 with 3 different tones for the strong beat - a chime / weak beat - a drum / subdivisions - wood block.

    • When accented beat is set - the light flashes red for the first beat and green on the other beats. 

    • Two memory channels for storing rhythms and tempos - with the flip of the switch you can quickly go to a different rhythm/tempo.

    • Volume control is continuously adjustable by a knob . 

    • The Intelli Imt-100o has Large LCD screen simulates swinging of pendulum.

    •  Tempo is quickly selected with center circular selector

    • All settings are maintained after the unit is turned off.

    • Italian Tempo chart is on the back of the Imt1000 (Largo-Adagio etc.)


    • Earphone jack - Earphone not included

    • Uses a 9 volt battery -included - or has plug for an AC adapter - $14.95.

    • Flip out metal stand. Available in color pictured. 

    • Dimensions:  1.75"x 5.75"x .75" - weight 6 oz

    • Includes vinyl carrying case. Made in Korea. 

Metronome Earphone 
Metronome Stand



MetroAmp Micro
Amplified Pitch Generator


      We have had many requests by Barber Shop Groups, Chorus Directors, and others for a substitute to the Franz IMP 2000. The combination of the Matrix Mr600 and the Dean Markley Micro Amp is louder than the IMP 2000. 
        The Mr600 will generate 3 octaves of pitches or metronome sounds and the Micro Amp will make it loud enough for most situations. The amplifier is 3 watts and has a 3" speaker. Most metronomes only have .25 watts and a 1" speaker. The sound is at least 10 times louder than any other metronome/pitch generator. 
      Both units use 9 volt batteries (the amp includes the battery). We provide all the connections and instructions. 
 The main difference between the IMP 2000 and the Matrix Mr 600:

  • The IMP 2000 had a momentary contact switch, allowing you to simply push a button to hear the pitch. To operate the Mr600, the switch at the top right must be pressed down to hear the pitch, when done it must be pushed back up to turn the sound off.

  • The size of the Imp 2000 was relatively small. Since the volume of this package is loud, the size and weight are much larger, but can still be held in your hand. The weight is 16 ounces. We  provide a way to attach  the amp & metronome into one easy to carry unit, or you can attach the amp to your belt or clothing, while the Mr600 is held in your hand. You can even put the amp out in front of your group and hold the metronome in hand. 

 Micro Amp features:

Matrix Mr600 Metronome Features

 High Efficiency 3" speaker
 4" wide x 5" high x 2" deep - weight 14 oz.
  Ported Cabinet
 3 watts peak power
 Volume & tone  control
 Headphone jack
 LED power indicator
On/off switch
 Input jack
 DC adaptor jack - 9 volt battery not included
 Belt clip
Over 3 octaves of pitches with pitch shift.
Flip out metal stand. 
Range : 40-216 beats per minute. 
Light and or click. 
8 color LED's move with beat. 
Chime accents downbeat on 0,2,3,4,5 & 6. 
Adjustable volume control.  
Earphone included. 
Uses 9 volt battery - not included.
2 1/2"w x 5"h x 1 1/2"d

Or Call (800) 586-3876 





Features of the IMP 2000:
Combines an electronic pitch pipe with the features of a metronome.
Pitch formats include 1 1/2 octave chromatic range, 
         bowed string format, guitar format, & variable A format. 
3 volume settings & a push button for momentary use. 
Metronome range from 40-216. (does not have flashing light). 
Earphone Jack. Uses 9 volt battery - not included. 
Black case with silver trim. 
Size: 3 1/4 x 2 5/8 x 1 1/8".
One year guarantee. 
Made in U.S.A.

The Franz IMP 2000 has a good loud sound in a very small package. The size is a little bigger than a pack of cigarettes. The Franz IMP 2000 has a pure click sound, does not have a beep or clave tone.

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